Friday, 27 April 2012

Who is First in Paradise

                                                  Heaven on Earth: A Paradise

  1. Joyfully share food, wisdom and love.
  2. Increase your happiness: all humanity becomes happier.
  3. Commit yourself to lifelong happiness in wisdom.
  4. Truly believe in yourself and access your inner strength.
  5. What you strongly expect that will materialize in life.
  6. Create a mental vision of your brilliant future and
do whatever it takes to achieve it: make life worth living.
      7.   When your name is called, what do you want to be known for?
     8.   A compelling vision inspires with courage, wisdom, and caring.
      9.   All people can be happier by enjoying peace and harmony:
            everybody treats everyone with respect and courtesy, with wisdom and love.
10.      Take the listening shell: it imparts the skill of empowered listening:
Listen for the gold to find a great contribution: their concerns, commitments and values. Listen for possibilities, for good intentions. Listening is the golden key to successful relationships: whatever you listen for shapes your vision and reality.
11.      Everyone operates with best intentions:
        they do the best they can with what they know.
12.      When you are first to forgive your wrong doers,
        you make happiness flourish: victim becomes the master of the future;
        you unleash the power of miracles: you release the greatest miracle: LOVE.
        Decide first to forgive first.
13.      Your fears are your biggest enemy. Intimidation is caused from the fears
        you entertain in your mind. Your fears are the figment of your mind,
        an illusion. You have the awesome of love and wisdom deep within you:
        they are at your beck and call; summon them and impact the world.
        Know that we are all powerful beyond measure.
14.      Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
15.      To lead lives filled with warm and loving relationships,
become adept at separating facts from interpretations.
The source of disharmony is anger, fear or sadness.
These moods allow you to feel right and better than others.
They allow you to feel sorry for yourself: feel a victim;
You feel entitled to your feelings. Get out of your mood by recognizing it.
Find a way to live in love and happiness: go for empowering interpretations.
No more negative moods because no more negative interpretations.
Why waste time and hurt life: let us forgive in love and enjoy happiness