Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pursue Happiness: Our Birthright

Without happiness, is life worth thinking about?
Without happiness, why would anyone live at all?
Without happiness, what is existence for?
Hence, let us pursue happiness with all our being.

Happiness is truly good and honestly delightful.
Happiness is beautifully positive in enjoying the good.
Happiness is graceful art and craft that absorbs our heart.
Happiness is true wisdom that bewitches our mind.
Happiness is what thrills our being with joy and culture.
And happiness now is health, wisdom, abundance, freedom;
it is for our happiness that the entire universe exists.
So we are wise to pursue happiness with earnest hearts.

How can anyone be happy without cherishing respect and honor?
Recognize first your own innate and inalienable dignity;
for dignity is the source of all rights, honors and privileges.
It is human dignity that makes us sovereigns of our life.
And dignity is the true foundation and fountain of real democracy.
Democracy recognizes, honors and cherishes everyone's dignity.
Liberty, equality and fraternity is the clarion call of democracy;
life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are democratic rights.
People's sovereignty is the rule of, by and for the people.
We can only be happy when all of us are free and sovereign;
We can be happy only when we see a smile on every face.

Let us find a way for everyone to learn what is good and wise to do;
Let us establish institutions where everyone legitimately earns abundance;
Let us inspire persons and neighbors to enjoy life in full, rich and sublime.
Can we infuse every neighborhood with the spirit of community and corporation,
where everyone is a shareholder in the community corporation?

<Dr Rajaiah>