Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Most Beautiful Way

              The Most Beautiful Life

Just help everyone in a neighborhood be a shareholder,
and start a community corporation.
Let everyone buy and sell whatever they want 
through the community corporation.
This is the economic infrastructure that is needed
to involve everyone with full participation.
As all the shareholders learn to live together,
they will develop the most appropriate superstructure:
a culture that benefits all, treats all well and brings out
the best from everyone and synergizes all strengths,
resources and technologies for harmonious happiness.

Because everyone is a shareholder he is entitled
to participate with dignity as a right and a privilege.
Because everyone is a consumer he gets the best service,
and because he is a shareholder he gets share in profit.
If he works in the corporation he earns good compensation.
Further, the corporation takes up and executes all contracts
that need to done in the locality for the benefit of community:
profits will be shared by everyone in the community.
There is a special drive to encourage local entrepreneurs
whose businesses will be supported by the community:
all entrepreneurs share 10%profits with the corporation.

The corporation is owned by the community:
all challenges must be addressed so as to foster unity.
There is a special provision to facilitate and foster
the spirit of cooperation and harmony with camaraderie.
Make everybody happy, joyful and hilarious 
by encouraging and supporting everyone 
to do what he loves and loves what he does:
Let everyone develop his interests and strengths:
he cannot but enjoy his life and help others to enjoy more.

Through Community Corporation to the Happiness of All:
Sarve janah sukhino bhavantu: Let everybody be happy.