Saturday, 6 April 2013

Happy Neighbours & Happy Neighbourhood

No matter who you are,
no matter what your circumstances are,
no matter what your background is,
no matter what your past was,
now you can choose to be happy.

Decide to think positive,
choose to feel positive,
determine to speak positive,
enjoy to help others.

When everyone of us sincerely desires to be happy,
when all of us choose to be happy,
let us each honestly strive to be happy.

When all of us decide to be happy,
can anything stop us from being happy?
When each of us puts on his best behaviour,
what can disturb us from being happy?

When happiness wells up from inside,
can anything from outside suppress it?
What delights us from outside --
be it success, fortune or favour --
isn't it merely temporary and superficial?
Hence let us embed happiness in our soul,
let us cherish the fountain of happiness.

When every person understands that genuine happiness is within his power,
when everyone takes charge of his own life and captains his soul,
will not the entire neighbourhood be happy?

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