Thursday, 24 November 2011

What has created greatest prosperity and most number of millionaires since the beginning of humankind?

Why should mankind suffer amidst plenty? We seem to be scared of scarcity while man has created abundance. Mountainous appropriation by some, clandestine hoarding by some, and irregular accounting by many deprive large number of people of their bare necessities. In every field of human life, in every dimension of technology, man has achieved unbelievable progress. Howmany ailments are conquered? what speed in transport, what safety in space, what clarity in innovation, what creativity in physical, chemical, psychological and behavioral sciences!
With regard to prosperity, man has designed the concept of corporation. Corporation has given more millionaires to the world than any thing else. This institution is a technological marvel, which needs to be studied and enhanced for the benefit of all mankind.
Corporation is better strengthened by the latest invention of man: the modern computer technology. No country, no nation, no people, no person, much less any corporation can be an island any more. The instant internet brings the whole world directly in front of our eyes.
Whatever man dreams and conceives of in his mind, he can achieve by means of corporation. Since man creates prosperity, every person can become prosperous. Let us bring passion, commitment and dedication to prosperity, freedom and happiness -- through corporate vision, mission, strategy, leadership, culture, training, sharing and caring -- with values of respect, wisdom, transparency, trustworthiness, friendship and comeraderie. Every person is a sovereign in freedom, an equal member of a community, and is equipped and empowered to enjoy happiness in fellowship and friendship in a family spirit.
Only one step is needed. Apply the wisdom and concept of corporation to an entire village community.
Every villager is automatically a shareholder. Every financial transaction takes place through community corporation: all transactions are made totally transparent. Every shareholder is the owner, investor, worker, consumer, customer, and beneficiary of the community corporation. Whoever owns an asset that is used by the corporation, whoever works for the corporation is duly compensated by the corporation.

"India will not be free unless villages are free", Mahatma Gandhi said. And villages will not be free unless villagers are cooperative, united and become joyful communities, said a Gandhian Jesuit, Father Windey SJ. From ancient times sages have been proclaiming: sarve janah sukhino bhavantu through vasudhaika kutumbam =  may everybody be happy through universal family.

Let us build the economic infrastructure of a community corporation in a village on which the appropriate superstructure of family culture can be built. Once we experiment and progress and succeed in developing and managing and leading a community corporate village, it can be replicated in a myriad ways in a million places.

Corporation facilitates the accumulation of large amounts of capital. It engages professional talent. It achieves the twin goals of propserity and elegant behaviour. It ensures that all persons are provided systematic training, effective procedures and appropriate culture.
Corporation with its limited liability provision ensures the well-being of each individual and of all the community.
Community corporation initiates, establishes and thrives on the synergy of all the crucial strengths. Locality of the neighborhood, social, cultural, economic, political strengths of the people, the educational, training, recreational and health iistitutions of the area will be coordinated to benefit the growth and fulfillment of every person.
In a community corporation every resident, from an infant to the oldest person alive is automatically a member. Every person gains. All is win-win. Life is a song, music, dance and play for everybody and for all.

We have a small village with 2000 persons and 2000 acres of land: we visualize prosperity and brotherhood for all.
300 acres for paddy, 100 acres for vegetables, 300 acres for livestock would assure all the residents of satisfying their necessities.
1000 acres are available for commercial crops, horticulture, medicinal and aromatic plants; food processing, modern industries and enterpreneurship with many kinds of infrastructure and technological support will be promoted.
200 acres: for parks, play grounds, landscaping for modern township with many urban amenities and facilities, community halls, recreation and entertainment.
We would have guest houses for tourism and other comfortable accommodation with NRI support for their use and for the benefit of the community corporation.

At the centre of it all, we have a creative Medialab to present some of the Best Practices of happy personal and community living, of family life, and of volunteering and value leadership. With appropriate movies, roleplays and dramas we inculcate value habits and programme happy brains.

The first institutional step is to buuild a Happy Community Paradise, -- an Ashram for Village Grandparents, who will spearhead the entire transformation of the whole village. Everybody in one area be happy in a happy community: this is the village vision.

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